Bioinformatics Major Requirements

Core Level Courses (42 units)

BIOSC 0150 Foundations of Biology 1 (3 credits)
BIOSC 0160 Foundations of Biology 2 (3 credits)
BIOSC 0350 Genetics (3 credits)
BIOSC 1810 Macromolecular Structure & Function (3 credits)

CHEM 0310 Organic Chemistry 1 (3 credits)*
CHEM 0320 Organic Chemistry 2 (3 credits)

MATH 0220 Analytical Geometry & Calculus 1 (4 credits)
STAT 1000 Applied Statistical Methods (4 credits)
STAT 1221 Applied Regression (3 credits)

CS 0401 Intermediate Programming using JAVA (4credits)**
CS 0445 Data Structures (3 credits)
CS 0441 Discrete Structures for CS (3 credits)
CS 1501 Algorithm Implementation (3 credits)

*General Chemistry 0110 and 0120 are prerequisites to taking CHEM 0310.

**Students without a background in programming will be encouraged to take Introduction to Programming CS 0007 prior to taking CS 0401.

Upper Level Courses (22 units)

BIOSC 1540 Computational Biology (3 credits)
BIOSC/CS 1640 Bioinformatics Software Design (3 credits)

Undergraduate Research (4 credits)

(12 units) to be chosen from an approved list of courses in Statistics, Chemistry, Biological Sciences and/or Computer Science. With the approval of the Bioinformatics Program Committee, the student may take other electives in other departments.

Approved Course Electives

Biological Sciences:

BIOSC 1820 Metabolic Pathways and Regulation (3 credits)
BIOSC 1830 Biochemistry Laboratory (3 credits)
BIOSC 1940 Molecular Biology (3 credits)
BIOSC 1950 Molecular Genetics Laboratory (2 credits)
BIOSC 1500 Cell Biology (3 credits)
BIOSC 1545 The Mathematics of Biology


CHEM 1410 Physical Chemistry 1 (3 credits)
CHEM 1420 Physical Chemistry 2 (3 credits)
CHEM 1460 Introduction to Modern Computational Science (3 credits)
CHEM 0250 Intro Analytical Chemistry (3 credits)

Computer Science:

CS 1510 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 1515 Scientific Computation
CS 1520 Programming Languages for Web Applications
CS 1555 Database Management Systems
CS 1566 Computer Graphics
CS 1571 Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
CS 1645 Introduction to High Performance Computing Systems


STAT 1301 Statistical Packages (3 credits)
STAT 1311 Applied Multivariate Analysis (3 credits)
STAT 1321 Applied Time Series (3 credits)

General Requirements

Capstone experience:

Prior to graduation, all Bioinformatics majors must satisfy the Capstone Experience requirements through the new Bioinformatics course CS/BIOSC 1640.


Bioinformatics majors who have completed CS 0401 may not enroll in CS 0004, CS 0007 or CS 0008.

Writing (W) requirement:

Students must complete at least one W-course in the major.

Grade requirements:

A grade of C or better is required in each of the Core Level and Upper Level Bioinformatics major courses that are to count toward the major (which also satisfies the A&S requirement of a minimum GPA of 2.0 in major courses).

Satisfactory/No Credit option:

No Bioinformatics major courses may be taken on an S/NC basis.

Related area:

Due to its interdisciplinary nature, the Bioinformatics major does not require a related area.

Honors major requirements

Honors in Bioinformatics is granted if, in addition to fulfilling all requirements for the major, the student:

  1. Three semesters (3 x 2 credits) or the equivalent (summer counts as a semester equivalent) of undergraduate research together with a written honors thesis presented in the last semester of the senior year.
  2. Maintains a GPA of 3.5 or above in all Bioinformatics major courses
  3. Maintains an overall GPA of 3.25 or above