Choosing your First CS Course

Deciding on a First Computing Course

Here is some information about what you should know before you take CS 0401.

Students taking CS 0401 should already have some programming background:

Previous experience with Java (ex: CS 0007) is recommended, but Python (CS 0008), C, C++ and VB (CS 0004) are also acceptable.

  • Concepts that you are expected to be familiar with and have used in programs include:
    • Basic program structure and syntax
      • How do we build programs and how do we get them to run
    • Primitive types and expressions
      • Numbers, characters, operators, precedence
    • Control Statements and Decisions
      • Boolean expressions
      • if and switch (or case) statements
      • Loops (for and while)
    • Methods (or functions) and parameters
      • Calling methods and flow of execution
      • Arguments and parameters
    • Arrays and their uses
      • One-dimensional only

If you do not have this background, you should consider taking CS 0007 before taking CS 0401. If you would like to discuss your background before deciding on a course, please feel free to contact John Ramirez.