Computer Science Resource Center

The Computer Science Resource Center (CRC) is located in 5710 Sennott Square (and will operate via zoom for the Fall 2020 term).

The Peer Tutors have successfully completed all CS core courses. Students will staff the CRC and will assist students enrolled in CS core (400 level) and service courses (CS 0007, 0010/11/12, 0134, 0590). When qualified to do so, peer tutors will also provide assistance to students enrolled in upper-level CS core and/or elective courses. We encourage any undergraduates enrolled in CS courses to take advantage of this service.

**CS 1501, 1502 and 1550 assistance is based on each Peer Tutor’s experience and is not always available. Assistance with other upper-level classes may also be available.

For up to date information, please check: under CRC 101.

Office hours are subject to change during semester breaks and holidays. Additional assistance may be available by appointment.