Required Courses for the Bioinformatics major

Biological Science courses

BIOSC 0150 Foundations of Biology 1
BIOSC 0160 Foundations of Biology 2
BIOSC 0350 Genetics
BIOSC 1540 Computational Biology
BIOSC 1810 Macromolecular Structure & Function

Chemistry courses

CHEM 0110 General Chemistry 1
CHEM 0120 General Chemistry 2
CHEM 0310 Organic Chemistry 1
CHEM 0320 Organic Chemistry 2

Computer Science courses

CS 0401 Intermediate Programming using JAVA**
CS 0441 Discrete Structures for CS
CS 0445 Data Structures
CS 1501 Algorithm Implementation (W)

** Students without a programming background are encouraged to take Introduction to Programming CS 0007 prior to taking CS 0401.

Mathematics courses

MATH 0220 Analytical Geometry & Calculus 1
STAT 1000 Applied Statistical Methods
STAT 1221 Applied Regression

Upper Level courses

BIOSC/CS 1640 Bioinformatics Software Design

Research Courses*

BIOSC 1903/CS 1950 Undergraduate Research

* Taken as variable credits over multiple terms as early as sophomore year. Research must be approved by Kirk Pruhs or Paula Grabowski.

Approved Elective courses

Twelve credits chosen in statistics, chemistry, biological sciences, and/or computer science from the following courses. Students may take electives in other departments with approval.

Biological Sciences

Students may take as an elective: BIOSC 0370; BIOSC 0390; or any 1000-level BIOSC course as an elective, excluding: BIOSC 1000, BIOSC 1010; BIOSC 1690; BIOSC 1901; BIOSC 1903; BIOSC 1904; BIOSC 1905; BOSC 1906; and BIOSC 1907.

BIOSC 1903 and BIOSC 1904 count only toward the four research credits. They do not count as elective credits.

If a BIOSC upper-level lab is used as an elective, the prerequisite labs (BIOSC 005X and BIOSC 006X) will be counted for up to three credits.


CHEM 0250 Introduction to Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 1410 Physical Chemistry 1
CHEM 1420 Physical Chemistry 2
CHEM 1460 Computational Drug Discovery

Computer Science

Any CS course at the 1500- or 1600-level


STAT 1301 Statistical Packages
STAT 1311 Applied Multivariate Analysis
STAT 1321 Applied Time Series