1. MS Course Requirements

The MS degree requires 30 credits of formal course work. The 30 credits include a total of 24 credits plus an MS thesis, CS 2000; or 27 credits plus an MS project, CS 2910. Please note:

  • The 30 credits must include one course from each of the following foundation areas. These courses must be completed with a grade of “B” or better.
    • Theory and Algorithms
      CS 2150 Design and Analysis of Algorithms or
      CS 2110 Theory of Computation or
      CS 1510 Algorithm Design or
      CS 1511 Introduction to Theory of Computation
    • Architecture and Compilers
      CS 2410 Computer Architecture or
      CS 2210 Compiler Design
    • Operating Systems and Networks
      CS 2510 Computer Operating Systems or
      CS 2520 Wide Area Networks
    • Artificial Intelligence and Database Systems
      CS 2710 Foundations of Artificial Intelligence or
      CS 2550 Principles of Database Systems
  • At least twelve (for thesis option), or fifteen (for project option) additional credits of graduate (2100-level or higher) CSD courses. These cannot include independent study courses (CS2990, CS3000), thesis project or research courses (CS2910, CS3900). Alternatively, a student may count either (a) one CS1600-level or CS20xx course (excluding 2000-2009) or (b)  petition GPEC to count one out-of-department course.
  • All coursework must be completed with an overall grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better.

2. Timetable

  • MS degrees must be completed within four calendar years from the student’s initial registration for graduate studies. This limit applies to all students, whether full-time or part-time. Normally, full-time students will complete the degree within two years.
  • Students must file an official Application for Graduation in the Office of Graduate Studies early in the term in which graduation is expected. A student must be registered for at least one credit during that term.
  • Copies of the thesis must be submitted to the committee at least two weeks in advance of the examination.
  • The project report must be submitted to the advisor at least a week in advance of the end of the term.

3. MS Project or Thesis

There are two options for completing the MS degree: the thesis option and the project option.

For the thesis option, the student must complete a written thesis, taking at least six credits of CS 2000, which must be taken with the S/N grading option. The student’s advisor will assist him or her in selecting a thesis committee, to consist of at least three faculty members, at least two members must be from Computer Science (one being your advisor) and at most one from outside the department or University (all three could be from Computer Science). The committee will conduct a public oral final examination. The committee must be formed with all names sent to the graduate administrator at least four weeks before the examination date.

The committee will vote on the outcome, and sign a report that will be filed in the AS Dean’s office. The oral examination is public and open to all members of the Computer Science Department. It must be announced to CSD via the faculty and graduate mailing lists at least one week prior to its scheduled date. The announcement must include a title, an abstract, name of advisor(s), name of committee members, date of examination, and location of examination.

For the project option, the student must complete a Master’s project, taking at least three credits of CS 2910, with the S/N grading option. Approval of a project report by the advisor is required.

Both CS 2000 and CS 2910 are closed courses, requiring approval of the faculty advisor for enrollment.

Note that students selecting the thesis option must complete a total of four electives, plus foundation courses and thesis research (CS 2000), while students completing the project option must complete a total of five electives, plus foundation courses and directed research (CS 2910).

4. MS Internship

A maximum of one credit of MS Internship (CS 2900) can be taken by students wishing to supplement their in-class education with practical training.  Note that international students must complete two semesters of full-time study prior to qualifying for CPT.  Further, OIS is unlikely to approve CPT authorization during the final semester of study; please talk to the graduate studies administrator or the DGS for more information regarding these issues.

Students wishing to complete an MS Internship (CS 2900) as part of their MS degree must fill out a learning agreement in conjunction with their employer and their faculty advisor in the CS Department.  Please note that MS Internships not contributing substantively to a student’s graduate education will not be approved by the Department.  Completed Learning  Agreement forms (with all signatures) should be turned in to the graduate studies administrator prior to the add/drop deadline for the term in which the Internship will take place.

A. Glossary

Computer Science Department
The school to which you are enrolled, the School of Computing and Information or the Dietrich School of Arts & Sciences
Graduate Admissions and Financial Aid Committee
Graduate Programs and Examinations Committee
Quality Point Average

B. Whom to Contact

Department Chair Prof. Taieb Znati
Graduate Programs Director Prof. Adam Lee
Chair of GPEC Profs. Panos K. Crysthanis and Rami Melhem
Chair of GAFA Prof. Adam Lee
Graduate Programs Administrator Mrs. Keena Walker