Visiting the Department

We encourage prospective students to visit the Department. We welcome high school students interested in majoring in CS at Pitt, current undergraduate students interested in CS as a major, transfer students and prospective graduate students. The CS Department is located on the 6th floor in the Sennott Square building.

General Department Address

Department of Computer Science
6135 Sennott Square
210 South Bouquet Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Tel (6135 Sennott Square): 412-624-8490
Fax (6135 Sennott Square): 412-624-8854
Fax (5417 Sennott Square): 412-624-5249

Office of the Department Chair

Chair: Professor Taieb Znati
412-624-8493 |

Assistant to the Chair: Karen Dicks
412-624-8493 |

Undergraduate Programs Office

For any undergraduate questions or concerns, email

Director: Dr. John Ramirez
412-624-8441 |

Administrator: Pat Markham
412-624-8492 |

Graduate Programs Office

For any undergraduate questions or concerns, email

Director: Dr. Youtao Zhang
412-624-8416 |

Administrator: Keena Walker
412-624-8495 |