Dr. Amy Babay

Amy Babay joined our Department in August 2019 as an Assistant Professor with a joint appointment in the Department of Computer Science and the Department of Informatics and Networked Systems. 

Her research interests are in distributed systems and networking. Dependability is a major theme of her work: as our world grows more connected and complex, making sure that the distributed systems that power so many aspects of our lives today are always available and working as expected becomes more and more crucial.

She is especially interested in how we can ensure that the critical infrastructure systems our society relies on are resilient to failures and attacks — one focus of her recent work has been building SCADA systems for the power grid that can continue to work correctly even after an attacker has managed to hack into the system and gain control of part of it. At the same time, She is really excited about the performance side of things and how we can develop new network protocols to provide faster, more reliable communication and enable levels of interactivity that were never possible before, for things like immersive virtual reality collaboration with people across the globe.

More information: http://sci.pitt.edu/news/meet-scis-new-faculty-amy-babay/  


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