When our campus switches to the Guarded Risk operational posture, in-person instruction will be an option and administered under the Flex@Pitt model.

As was the case for the Spring and Summer terms, the course status dashboard provides a central location for students to find important information about their SCI courses directly updated by the instructors (e.g., whether the course will operate in the Flex@Pitt model or be online-only, whether cohorts will be employed, etc). While the expectation is that each instructor will provide specific details to students, this dashboard serves as a central location for students to find this important information.

You can access the course status dashboard at http://www.sci.pitt.edu/covid-19/course-status/

In addition to the regularly scheduled courses, the course status dashboard will also have updated information about the Computer Science Resource Center (CRC) which will host multiple peer tutors to help students of introductory computer science courses (via zoom). Stay tuned for details.

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