Caela Go, an undergraduate student in Computer Science, won two top prizes in the SCI Film Festival with her short film “Homebound“. Caela was the First place winner (as judged by the selection committee) and also received the People’s Choice Award!

Homebound from PittComputing&Information on Vimeo.

Here are some comments about Caela’s video:

“Caela Go’s “Homebound” message was one of hope and possibility. Although we are in quarantine, quarantine is not in us. We are physically distancing, not socially disconnected. This is an opportunity to connect with self, family, and friends.” – Debra King (MSIS ’85), alumni judge

“This video is so personal, yet also relatable and accessible to so many people during this time. The tone and mood transitions beautifully throughout as a reflective and peaceful story. This demonstrates attention to detail, cohesive cinematography, and an overall amazing execution of a wonderful idea. I was extremely moved by this film, and I know many other people will be as well.”

You can find more information about the SCI Film Festival at and can see all the submissions at:

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