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Computer Science Networking Events for Alumni

The CS Department has sponsored many, well-attended Alumni events over the years. The CS faculty and alumni attending these events enjoy the gatherings.


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Visit Department of Computer Science LINKS Newsletter for news about faculty, alumni, students, and staff.


Computer Science Department E-mail List

We are building an alumni Web site in an effort to create a Computer Science community. We hope to unite the Computer Science alumni, highlight their achievements, and bring them up to date with what's happening in the department and the University. This community is only for alumni of the Computer Science Department and is not related to the University's alumni database. To stay in touch, please fill out the following form, and we will let you know when we release the site. We will not publish or share your e-mail address with anyone else unless we have your consent.

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Go to your homepage and view the alumni community if you already have an account.


View the alumni directory.

Stay in touch with your fellow CS members in LinkedIn and FaceBook.


Pitt's Alumni Connection

The Pitt Online Connection exists to help alumni connect with each other and with the university. Please check for more information about the Pitt Online Connection.

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