Current Research Grants

Project title Funding Agency/Donor Project timeframe Faculty involved
A Brick in theWall: Achieving Yield, Performance and Density Effective DRAM Beyond 22nm Technology National Science Foundation 2014-2017 Jun Yang, PI
Bruce R. Childers, Co-PI
Youtao Zhang, Co-PI
Advanced controls for small modular nuclear reactors Dept of Energy 2014-2017 Daniel Cole, PI (Mechanical Engineering)
Daniel Mosse, Co-PI
Appraisal of Subgrid Scale Closures in Reacting Turbulence via DNS Big Data National Science Foundation 2016-2019 Peyman Givi, PI (Mechanical Engineering)
William Layton, Co-PI (Math)
Panos Chrysanthis, Co-PI
Alexandros Labrinidis, Co-PI
Approximate-Computing Enabled Robust 3D NAND Flash Memories National Science Foundation 2017-2020 Jun Yang, PI
Youtao Zhang, Co-PI
Architectural Support for Reliable ReRAM Crossbar Memory National Science Foundation 2016-2019 Jun Yang, PI
Youtao Zhang, Co-PI
Automatically Understanding the Messages and Goals of Visual Media National Science Foundation 2016-2018 Adriana Kovashka
CAREER: UCPriv: User-Centric Privacy Management National Science Foundation 2013-2018 Adam J. Lee, PI
Data Management and Visualization in Petascale Turbulent Combustion Simulation National Science Foundation 2012-2017 Peyman Givi, PI (Mechanical Engineering)
Panos Chrysanthis, Co-PI
Alexandros Labrinidis, Co-PI
Decoding Video Advertisements Google Adriana Kovashka
Deeply Interactive Image Search: Learning Attribute Vocabularies and Spatial Support from People University of Pittsburgh 2016-2018 Adriana Kovashka
EAGER: Computational Models of Essay Rewritings National Science Foundation 2015-2017 Rebecca Hwa, PI
Diane Litman, Co-PI
Enabling Scalable Synchronizations for General Purpose GPUs Dept of Energy 2017-2020 Jun Yang, PI
Rami Melhem, Co-PI
Lazy Shadowing – An Adaptive, Power-Aware Resiliency Framework for Exascale Computing. Dept of Energy 2016-2018 Rami Melhem, PI
Taieb Znati, Co-PI
NSF Student Travel Grant for 2017 IEEE International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE) National Science Foundation 2017-2018 Alexandros Labrinidis, PI
OCCAM: Open Curation for Computer Architecture Modeling National Science Foundation 2013-2017 Bruce Childers, PI
Daniel Mosse’, Co-PI
Alex Jones, Co-PI
Real-Time Detection of Deviations in Clinical Care in ICU Data Streams National Institutes of Health 2009-2018 Milos Hauskrecht, PI
Gilles Clermont, Co-PI
Gregory F. Cooper, Co-PI
Response-to-Text Tasks to Assess Students’ Use of Evidence and Organization in Writing: Using Natural Language Processing for Scoring Writing and Providing Feedback At-Scale Institute of Education Sciences 2016-2019 Diane Litman, PI
R. Correnti, Co-PI
L. Matsumura, Co-PI
RI: Small: Collaborative Research: Entrainment and Task Success in Team Conversations National Science Foundation 2014-2018 Diane Litman, PI
Scalable Analytics Engine for Big Graphs on the Cloud Qatar Foundation 2016-2018 Mohammed Hammoud, PI
Rami Melhem, Co-PI
Scalable Dynamic Access Control for Untrusted Cloud Environments National Science Foundation 2017-2021 Adam J. Lee, PI
Jack Lange, Co-PI
SHF: Small: A Brick in the Wall: Achieving Yield, Performance and Density Effective DRAM Beyond 22nm Technology National Science Foundation 2014-2018 Jun Yang, PI
Bruce Childers, Co-PI
Youtao Zhang, Co-PI
SI2-SSE: EASE: Improving Research Accountability through Artifact Evaluation National Science Foundation 2015-2018 Bruce Childers, PI
Daniel Mosse, Co-PI
Student Travel Grant for the 11th International Workshop on Real-Time Business Intelligence & Analytics (BIRTE 2017) National Science Foundation 2017-2018 Panos K. Chrysanthis, PI
Subthalamic and Corticosubthalamic Coding of Speech Production National Institutes of Health 2016-2019 M. Richardson, PI (Neurosurgery)
Diane Litman, Co-I
Systems Level Causal Discovery in Heterogeneous TOPMed Data National Institutes of Health 2017-2020 Takis Benos, PI
Frank Sciurba, PI
Panos K. Chrysanthis, Co-I
The Impact of Emerging Platforms for Artifact Review and Active Curation on the ACM Digital Library Alfred P. Sloan Foundation 2016-2017 Bruce Childers, PI