A student may register their internship for their Capstone experience through the Department of Computer Science CS 1900 course. This course is designed to provide CS majors with real world work experience (through qualified outside companies). In addition to the work itself, which must be highly technical in nature and relevant to the CS degree, a CS internship also has an academic component consisting of regular meetings with a faculty sponsor, weekly meetings with all capstone students, and several papers and presentations.
Additional details:

  • Credits: 3
  • Frequency: Every fall and spring


Requirements and Grading

The student must submit a completed and signed Internship Learning Agreement form in order to receive a permission number for this course. The student must have a faculty sponsor for their internship experience. If you are unable to find a sponsor, contact the director of undergraduate programs, 6125 Sennott Square, for assistance. CS 1900 must be taken for three (3) credits for Capstone credit.